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What does VirtuelConcept bring you?

VirtuelConcept, a company based in Montesquiou in the Gers, is the first company in Europe to be equipped with an immersive, interactive and collaborative 3D technology in sedentary environments. In order to provide access to this new technology for all, VirtuelConcept has built its service offer around 3 main areas:

  • Design / Adaptation of your 3D models to the use of the Cube
  • Training of professionals in the use of the Cube
  • Rental of the Cube for professionals and their customers

You can also request a personalised visit around several typical projects from €25 for 2 people to discover the possibilities offered by the Cube.


VirtuelConcept models your projects & adapts your existing 3D models (whatever the original format) for use in the Cube.

This way, you can enjoy the visit without any technical knowledge, alone or with your clients, and judge the technical feasibility or colour harmony of an interior design project.

VirtuelConcept will then take care of making the modifications according to the client’s wishes.


Would you like to go further following your demonstration visit? Do you need the Cube on a recurring basis?

VirtuelConcept offers to train you in the use of the modelling software, in the use of the Cube itself, so that you can be autonomous. This training, adapted to your own pace and constraints, can be financed. You can approach your professional organisations (CAPEB, FFB, etc.)

Once operational, you will be able to take full advantage of the Cube on hire.


The Cube is available for hire for those who have completed the training. The use of the Cube requires technical training in order to be used independently.

Therefore, once these skills have been acquired, VirtuelConcept will be able to give you the keys for a few hours to fine-tune your projects and organise visits with your clients.

Only on quotation and reservation.

Training Programme and Goals

Pedagogical goals

  • Use and configuration of an immersive virtual reality device
  • Mastery of the Unity 3D game engine enabling the design of applications on VR platform
  • Mastery of the SDK dedicated to the realisation of VR applications
  • In-depth training: mastery of the C# language and creation of scripts and personalised interactions.
  • Scope of the training:
    Building (private, public, industrial) and interior design and layout.


    Visualisation and study of projects in many fields (Engineering/Industrial production/Design/Medicine)

    Role-playing and learner training

    Artistic and cultural creation.


  • Presentation of the concept and reflection on virtual reality, its applications and scope
  • Presentation of the interface and demonstration of existing projects carried out on the software
  • Integration and conversion of 3D exports from the main existing modelling software (3dsmax, Blender, Sketchup, etc.).
  • Design of the 3D environment
  • Use of the different scripts and interactions of the dedicated SDK
  • Export and integration of the project into the immersive virtual reality cube
  • In-depth training:
    In-depth study of the C# language, autonomous creation of new interactions.
  • Debriefing


  • How to read a map
  • Knowledge of CAD/CAM software
  • Notions of English 

Target Audience

  • Architectes
  • Designers
  • Promoters
  • Artisans
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Industrials

Pedagogical & Technical Resources

  • Equipped training room
  • Projection of presentations in Powerpoint format
  • Paper support
  • IT support
  • 4D virtual reality room (the Cube) for the evolution in space of projects drawn in 3D

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