Vestibular Disorders

Upper limb rehabilitation

Highly efficient and easy-to-implement virtual reality application.


3 operating modes

(CE Marking in progress)


The landscape is rotating around the patient.

Visual Reactivity

The patient, using a visor, must move their head to reach for objects.

Vision Feedback Control

The patient is placed in an environment with a fixed point and must move their head according to the physiotherapist’s instructions.


Several environments to choose from

(CE Marking in progress)


Quick and easy startup and shutdown of the software and current exercise. Simple and easily accessible menus for all applications.


You can select your movement directions, speed, time, rotation speed, and exercise duration (unit in seconds).

The Virtual Reality / Immersive Devices Package

Easy to transport

Its roller/trolley system and suitable size make it easy to move and store.

Resistant and secure

Its robustness combined with a TSA key lock system provides the most effective protection possible for the “VR Ready” laptop and the virtual reality headset it contains.

Secure equipment

Its custom-cut rigid storage foam ensures high-quality storage, protecting and securing your virtual reality equipment provided with the case.

Our competitive advantages

  • A low investment for a complete solution
  • A mobile VR solution
  • Easy to use
  • Diverse virtual environments
  • Dedicated and multiple uses (vestibular disorder, upper limb rehabilitation, range of motion exercises)

Your user advantage

  • A cost-effective and high-value solution
  • Provision of care in clinics, at home, or in medical residences
  • The patient does not get tired of the exercises and makes rapid progress.
  • “A single VR solution for multiple uses, ensuring better tool profitability.”


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