The Concept Cube

Immersive 4D virtual reality system

What is immersive virtual reality in 4D?

Virtual reality is a principle that aims to simulate the physical presence of a user within an artificial environment, modelled in three dimensions. This immersion is made possible by the use of different devices allowing the user to visualise this virtual environment. These are generally virtual reality masks that allow the immersion of a single user, but other devices exist:

Virtuelconcept proposes a unique structure, the Conceptcube: a 3x3x3 metre structure composed of 5 3D projection screens and a 3D tracking system, capable of accommodating up to 5 people simultaneously, for group immersion.

It is a system offering the possibility for several people to view, visit, check and interact with a project modelled in three dimensions. Thanks to our device, users can move around in their 3D environment, open doors, move elements, change textures and materials, obtain information in multiple forms, simulate animations…

Virtuelconcept offers to bring your project to life by creating an immersive virtual reality environment that is tailor-made and adapted to your needs.

For which applications?

This new concept offers many applications and is aimed at many professional categories:



  • Visualising and analysing the feasibility of pipeline networks, in compliance with professional standards and regulations
  • Install and virtually visit specific installations in a building.
  • Use augmented reality tools (virtual tablet) allowing a selective view of the components of a building (remove or display only one category of objects: electrical network/plumbing/space).
  • Determine/modify the location of facilities.
  • Conversion of your 3D modeling to allow a visit to scale 1 of your project.
  • Material replacement and texture
  • Movement/replacement of objects.
  • Possibility of integrating large real estate projects, public buildings, neighbourhood construction, housing estates.
  • Possibility of integrating a point survey converted into 3D to situate your project.
  • Visits to the project for up to 5 people simultaneously, site visits before starting work, presentation of the project.

Interior Design/Architecture

  • Import CAD models
  • Visualising and analysing a machine or technical system
  • Emulate/organise the installation of an assembly line
  • Testing and comparing technical systems
  • Perform calculations and collect data.
  • Import and view 3D models in different scales
  • Choosing materials (shapes and colours)
  • Setting up a project in an adapted environment
  • Interior design, choice of furniture, accessories, choice of wall and floor colours and playing with harmonies
  • Outdoor landscaping, green spaces


Other applications :

  • Visualise large-scale 3D models
  • Interact/move/hide certain elements of the model
  • Creating interactive models and environments for training purposes
  • Integrate and visualise models from medical imaging files.
  • Teachers: We propose to create environments and applications to train and put learners in situations
  • Museums and installations: Organising a virtual installation, working quickly and effortlessly on the scenography
  • Artists : We create virtual environments in direct relation with artists, it is a medium offering unlimited creative possibilities.
  • Your sector of activity: do you work in a sector of activity that has not been mentioned above? Virtual reality can concern many other areas and we are able to provide a tailor-made response to your needs.

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