VirtuelConcept, 1st site in Europe

of Virtual Reality in an immersive and interactive 4D cube

Innovative & futuristic 4D immersed virtual reality system

VirtuelConcept Services

  • Adaptation of your 3D models (in many formats) to the Concept Cube

  • Training of professionals in the use of the Cube (1 to 3 days)

  • Welcoming professionals and their clients for visits to immersion projects

  • Personalised visits around various typical projects (house, factory, zenith) from 25 € for 2 people (duration 30 min).

  • Rental of the Cube (on estimate)

The Concept Cube

  • An innovative and futuristic immersive virtual reality system with the most advanced RV technologies.

  • 5 projected sides

  • A structure capable of accommodating up to 5 users simultaneously

  • Motion detection by means of a high-end infrared capture system

  • High Performance Computing Station

  • Projection 3D relief HD

VirtuelConcept in video

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