The Concept Cube

Immersive 4D virtual reality system

About us

Who are we ?

Virtuelconcept, created in February 2017, by GUY SORBADERE and Claude BELEGOU, is a company that offers innovative solutions in line with the development of new design and 3D modelling tools.

We develop interactive environments and VR applications on multiple dedicated platforms: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and on
the ConceptCube, our own immersive Virtual Reality device.

The ConceptCube is a structure inspired by American cellars, on a smaller scale (about 3x3x3m). It is composed of 5 HD projection faces and a high performance motion tracking system, allowing the user, equipped with a pair of active 3D glasses and one-handed controls, to view and interact with his or her project modelled inside this space.

What do we propose?

Our activity is oriented on 4 axes:



RV services

We create for you a virtual reality environment based on your 3D models and
we add to it the interactions that your
project needs.

RV training

As a training provider, we train you in the software and programming necessary to enable you to develop your own RV projects independently.

Sales and rentals

Our immersive Virtual Reality device, the ConceptCube, is available in the following versionsfor sale, but also
for rent.


In relation with researchers and professionals from various backgrounds, we do our utmost to
to make virtual reality a real asset
for many trades!

For who ?

Professionals from all walks of life or private individuals, virtual reality is for everyone!

Virtuelconcept aims to provide a visualization tool and services to building and design professionals more generally in connection with the evolution of 3D and digital representation techniques (3D models, BIM …).

We are also aimed at private individuals, allowing for example a future owner to visit his house at scale 1 and to carry out the necessary checks and choice of materials, even before the start of work.

Virtual reality is also a great ally for education and training professionals. It is a tool that allows learners to be put into a situation without material constraints and in a secure space.

We also work with surveyors and topographers, specialised in point surveys, enabling them to reproduce
digitally and to scale, scanned buildings and environments.

Currently in contact with health professionals, it is possible to integrate 3D models into RVs.
generated from medical imagery…
Visualise the result of a CT or MRI scan, at the scale of your choice,
this no longer belongs to the realm of science fiction!

Winner of the competition “Les lumières de l’innovation 2018”, category “products and services for companies” organised by CAPEB,
and the ”SeptuORs 2018” organised by La Dépèche in partnership with the CCI of the Gers and the Occitanie Region,
our company strives to showcase this cutting-edge technology which allows us to offer
new perspectives to professionals for their projects!

With Virtuelconcept, Tomorrow is Today !

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